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Borneo has an equatorial climate that gives it high humidity, hot weather and rainfall throughout the year. Temperatures during the day range between 30°C - 35°C during the day and 26°C - 29°C at night. Sabah, which is the northern tip of Borneo, generally has heavier rainfall while Sarawak below has slightly calmer weather. As it is an island, Borneo enjoys warm tropical weather with cooling sea breezes so it is suitable for visiting throughout the year, with the exception of certain coastal destinations and islands during the monsoon season.

For Sabah, the Northeast Monsoon occurs from November till January bringing stormy weather and rainfall. For February till April, the weather becomes relatively dry as a result of dry winds coming from the Pacific Ocean. The annual typhoon season that sweeps towards the Philippines do not affect Sabah that is directly below it, giving it the popular name as ‘Land Below the Wind’. Mount Kinabalu in Sabah has the coldest temperatures and is a popular tourist destination.

Sarawak, on the other hand, lies at the northwestern side of Borneo, and experiences a similar climate to Sabah, with slightly less rainfall. Much of the weather is the same, only that the drier or wetter months start one or two months later. For example, June until August is when Sarawak has the least rainfall while December to March is when it is most wet.


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